Progress Update #2

Welcome back to our second progress update for the SQUAD Bundeswehr Mod! If u are new here, have a look into our previous blog posts about our project: Bundeswehr Faction: A new dawn (incl. our development goals) Progress Update #1 For the ones who did not knew it yet: The Bundeswehr is the Armed Forces […]

Progress Update #1

Dear SQUAD Community, wow. Just WOW. Our team used the last 6 month very well! This month, we proudly present our progress in weapons, characters, vehicles and FOB assets. Our new German faction is well on it´s way and we are working on nearly all items of our development list by now, which is awesome […]

Bundeswehr Faction: A new dawn…

When [DSK] LieutenantK joined the Bundeswehr mod team back in August 2019, not much was going on, since no PM and not enough modders kept the wheels spinning. Para did some animations with the G36 of .:Jinjer and he worked on a Erdziellafette for the MG3 whenever he got time, while doing his doctor in […]