Find out more about the vehicle park of the BW-Mod! If you want to know more about what is planned, visit Bundeswehr Faction: A new dawn… for more details.

Wiesel 1A2 MK20

Made by Beast and SomeKevin

Wiesel TOW (WIP)

HANS 5T GL Truck

Made by Holy Lord Jesus; Textured by Holy Lord Jesus; Decals by Polarbär

GTK Boxer & FLW200

Made by Petr005 and Lynx.

Dingo 2 (WIP)

Made by [FWF] Toby, not textured yet.

Leopard 2A6M

The Leopard 2A6M main battle tank was ported from the Canadian armed forces mod, retextured and adapted to the German look.

M113 Panzermörser (WIP)

NH90 Helicopter (WIP)