Find out more about the weapons of the Bundeswehr Faction for SQUAD! If you want to know more about what is planned for the faction, visit Bundeswehr Faction: A new dawn… for more details.

HK G36A3 and G36KA3 (WIP!)

Modeled and Textured by Art0mis and Cpt.Bortzeit; Animation by w0lf3k

This G36 variant is the current IDZ ES weapon for the Bundeswehr from Heckler & Koch. It includes picatinny style rails, the new adjustable stock and radio buttons for the new digitalized combat outfit.

The G36K is the “Kurz” or english short variant of the G36 and used by vehicle crews and in situations where a short weapon is an advantage.

G22 (WIP!)

The G22 is the Bundeswehrs standart sniper rifle in .308 or 7.62 Nato.

Modeled by kirusha_love

DM25 (WIP!)

The DM25 is a smoke grenade to provide cover.

Modeled and textured by HEx

DM31 AT (WIP!)

The DM31 AT is an Anti Tank mine.

Modeled by Brotzeit; Textured by Brotzeit and HEx