Find out more about the weapons of the Bundeswehr Faction for SQUAD! If you want to know more about what is planned for the faction, visit Bundeswehr Faction: A new dawn… for more details.

HK G36A3 (WIP!)

Modeled by .:Jinjer; Textured by .:Jinjer; Animation by w0lf3k

This G36 variant is the current IDZ ES weapon for the Bundeswehr from Heckler & Koch. It includes picatinny style rails, the new adjustable stock and radio buttons for the new digitalized combat outfit.

G28 (WIP!)

Modeled and textured by .:Jinjer

G22 (WIP!)

Modeled by kirusha_love

DM25 (WIP!)

Modeled and textured by HEx

DM31 AT (WIP!)

Modeled by Brotzeit; Textured by Brotzeit and HEx

Panzerfaust 3 / Bunkerfaust (WIP!)

Modeled by .:Jinjer; Textured by .:Jinjer

The Panzerfaust 3 is the main AT Weapon of the German infantry, besides the more specialized and heavier MILAN wire guided missile. With a quick turn on the tip of the warhead, a HEAT round becomes a Tandem HEAT. Equiped with an anti material HE warhead, the Panzerfaust 3 becomes the Bunkerfaust.

P8A1 (WIP!)

Modeled by .:Jinjer; Textured by .:Jinjer

The P8A1 is the trusty Sidearm, the German Soldiers rely on. Designed after the H&K USP it masters the balance between weight and sturdiness with a polymer frame and a steel slide and barrel. It has the caliber 9 × 19 mm and holds 15+1 rounds.