Our character models are a heavy work in progress at the moment. We received a lot of feedback for the early models from our friend Holy Lord Jesus and are in the process of overhauling them. Thanks to the contributions of our donors, we were able to acquire the software Character Creator 3 for our Software pool. It gave us the opportunity to add individual faces to each class, without too much fuzz. At the same time, their level of details is amazing. The FAST style helmet , coming with the current IDZ-ES standard of the Bundeswehr, is new as well.

We also decided to bring in women into our faction, since over 25,000 women are serving within the German armed forces of 185,000 today. They are a very common sight within combat outfits (incl. German special forces) of the Bundeswehr and, following the philosophy of the BW-Mod team, deserve a representation in the game. Specific German ethnicities will also be represented, such as Turk-Germans, German-Africans, German-Slavics and of course classical German character types.

We are currently looking for a character designer, supporting our overhaul efforts. Please talk about us with your friends and send potential new modders over to our recruitment channel. This would help us tremendously, since this is one of our last weak spots development wise at the moment.